IsItUp 8.4

Network device, email server, server, port and website monitor

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If you're a network administrator, your number one task is to ensure that your network does not go down at any point.

However, monitoring whether this happens is easier said than done but IsItUp provides an easy one stop solution for small networks. The program monitors multiple "pingable" TCP/IP devices around the clock and notifies you, via email or pager, of the status of a particular device. It lets you know when it goes down and when it comes back up again. The application keeps comprehensive stats for each device it monitors including up time, maximum response time, minimum response time, standard deviation and more. Most useful of all however, it tracks the last successful and last failed Traceroute to a destination so it can determine where the break-down occurred. In addition, it's a great tool for those on the move because it has both a Web and a Windows User interface that allows you to check your network status from any location.

For medium to small sized network administrators, this is a powerful tool which allows you to track your network performance from any location.

Affordable Network Monitoring - Easy to use - Easy to install - You can be up and running in under 2 minutes

Do you know the status of your network? IsItUp is a full-featured network monitoring application that continually monitors multiple network devices at specified intervals, notifying you when they go down - or come back up. Not only does it track status, IsItUp also keeps performance statistics on each device's availability and response time. IsItUp also has both a Web and Windows User Interface making it easy to monitor your network status from any location. Download Your Free Trial Now! As always, IsItUp provides free upgrades and free support.


IsItUp 8.4

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